Bicycle Trailers

Bicycle trailers are frames with wheels that can be attached to a bicycle and transport items. These trailers are not simply for inanimate objects; many who use bicycle trailers use them to transport their small children or pets from one place to the next.
Bicycle trailers do not contain motors and are composed of a frame, wheels, axles, a hitch, and a fender.

Most frames are made out of metal such as an aluminum or steel blend, but there are some that are still made with wood. The frames are then secured with nuts, bolts, screws, or welding. The axles are similar to the ones used for bicycles, where each axle is separate for each wheel. Bike wheels are best for the trailers while solid wheels are rough riding. Fenders are included to protect the trailer’s objects from dirt. The hitch is clamped at the seat, rear axle, or at the rear rack.

It is not advised to use an improvised hitch such as rope or chains as these methods are hazardous. Before you buy a bicycle trailer I would strongly recommended reading this complete guide. Take a look:

Child Trailers
Pet Trailers
Cargo Trailers

Why Use Bicycle Trailers?

There are plenty of reasons as to why you want to buy and use a bicycle trailer, and some of them could include:
  • Carry heavy and plentiful items such as books, newspapers, or tools
  • Transport children from one place to the next
  • Transport small pets such as dogs
  • Cuts down on time and energy without having to make several trips at once!
Whatever the reason, there are plenty of trailers to choose from and each bicycle trailer has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Selected Quality Bicycle Trailers

Allen Sports Explorer Bicycle Cargo Trailer

Bicycle Trailer
Check out the innovative Allen Sports Explorer Bicycle Cargo Trailer. This trailer can be effortlessly converted into a convenient pull cart from lightweight bicycle cargo trailer. This adaptable cargo trailer includes a closed top design to guard and secure your goods, making it an outstanding cycle accessory when shopping with your bike. This bicycle cargo trailer is constructed using heavy duty, industrial grade steel frame with a maximum weight capacity of up to 70 pounds. Also, with its quick release hitch, you can easily fasten or take it off from your bike.  

DoggyRide Mini Dog Bike Trailer

Bicycle Trailer
This trailer is used to carry your cool canine. Condensed, sophisticated, practical and really versatile are the best words to describe the robust bike dog trailer. The DoggyRide Mini Dog Bike Trailer offers a creative design and has heavy duty UV proof mesh front and side sections included with a front wind and rain screen to help protect your pet from the weather and insects.  

Veelar Foldable Bicycle Cargo Trailer

Bicycle Trailer
Easily compatible and not difficult to put together, this cargo trailer does the trick It is called Veelar Foldable Bicycle Cargo Trailer, and it is made from a powder coated, heavy duty steel structure. After putting it together, you can add this to your bike with ease and can be folded flat for easy transportation and storage. This model can carry approximately 90 pounds.  

Doggyhut Pet Bike Trailer

Bicycle Trailer
This dog trailer is perfect for more than one pooch. The Doggyhut Bicycle Dog Trailer gives a versatile answer for bringing your pet along for a bike ride. Its larger size means it can accommodate a large dog or two small/medium-sized dogs.  

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